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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This would be my fourth diaper cake for this year 2011.


Baby showers is so much fun. One of my client had a baby shower for her baby girl Maya Grace. It was so cool that her Mom from Japan was able to come see her had the baby already and able to help her out for the first week, It’s not easy having your first child and no family around. I know because I’ve done that and been there. So I’m so happy for her.

This diaper cake was done an two hours. I wanted it to look more busy and lots of details, also I did end up putting a small Sheep stuff toy on top with Polka dots ribbon hanging down. I made this with such rush last minute kind of thing. The card is so cute. I’d say without my big shot this card will not look like that.

March projects 2011 012 March projects 2011 008

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